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Engine, engine, number nine,
On the New York transit line,
If my train goes off the track,
Pick it up! Pick it up! Pick it up!

I’m always bewildered by the random information that my mind chooses to remember. I suspect in this particular case VH1 may be to blame, as I seem to recall watching a show about seminal moments in hip-hop history. Of course why I chose not to change the channel is beyond me especially as my taste in music can best be described as bordering on eclectic and dabbling in non-existent. It’s not that I don’t enjoy music, but rather I tend to function without it.

You’re more likely to find me with my nose in a book, than having the stereo blaring. In fact I’m one of those bizarre types that appreciates peace and quiet, while I’m busy losing myself in another world. Even having the TV on in the background is what I would term an unnecessary distraction.

It’s a strange admission to concede that music isn’t exactly a focal point in my life. After all I do have somewhat of a poetic streak running through me. Admittedly it is a hidden talent if I can call it that. I can imagine it lying dusty and forgotten in the corner of one of the rooms in my mind. It only tends to rise to the surface when there’s a bit of melodrama in my life, like the creativity is fuelled by confrontation or commiserations.

I can only hope that writing poetry is like riding a bike. That no matter how long the hiatus, like an eager mistress she’ll be there waiting with slippers in one hand and a pipe in the other. A part of me misses writing poetry, and yet there is another part that is content that asks, ‘why rock the boat’?

Perhaps I’m oversimplifying and using the lack of drama to justify my creative inertia. Maybe if I just put pen to paper I’ll be surprised by the way the letters arrange themselves…


I sometimes wonder where all the years have gone

And this song

Starts up in my head

And it says maybe you’re just too well read


My how you’ve grown

Look at all the chances you’ve blown

Is it time for show and tell

I guess not but I’ll be sure to see you in hell


Another year rolls by

And all I remember is the sound you make when you cry

Was it just for my benefit?

Because now I’m feeling less than terrific


I’m not sure where this bus goes

Or why it’s so slow

But I’ve got this map in my hand

And I got a feeling that it’s time to make a stand


The miles stop and start

But they’re curing my broken heart

I’m a dreamer without a dream

A leaf floating in a stream


They say dead men tell no tales

But there’s no nail

In my coffin just yet

Just a bunch of regrets


Perhaps I’m too young to be feeling this way

I just need to take it day by day

Let my imagination hitchhike out of this nowhere place

Because life’s a journey not a race