Innocent1 contrary to popular belief was not born to breathtakingly beautiful parents. Rather he was an anomaly. Blessed with a prettiness that only occurs once in a generation, the nuns who helped deliver him are reported to have wept tears of joy at the sight of him.

And just in case there’s any confusion I often talk about myself in the 3rd person.

Indeed it was the belief of many that he would grow up to be a heartbreaker and in that regard they were prescient in their predictions. However what they did not foresee was his wanton disregard for reality and people as a whole. He walked a fine line between hedonistic euphoria and debilitating depression.

But each step he takes, through the uncharted melodrama of his life, attracts curious characters, unpredictable serendipitous occurrences, and the occasional happy ending.

These words are my life. Ever varying, ever changing, and completely contradictory at the best of times.

  1. Dear Innocent1,
    It’s good to see there are still some nice, unassuming, unvain young men around. You shouldn’t be so modest though, you need a bit more self-confidence.
    Love Dotty xxx

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