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Tomorrow Never Comes

Posted: March 19, 2013 in My Life
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Wow I am actually fairly impressed with myself. It hasn’t in fact taken me another two months to pen my next blog instalment. I’ve never really thought of myself as being an overachiever but perhaps I haven’t been doing myself justice.

I’ve been stuck in a funk of late. Kind of going through the motions rather haphazardly. I could make a lot of excuses for why that’s the case. Work commitments, spreading myself too thin, general apathy, who knows? When all is said and done, they’re just excuses. I have a feeling I’ve just been picking the path of least resistance.

I appreciate that I am being a bit hard on myself because it’s not as though I’ve suddenly become a slovenly hermit. But I seem to have made peace with mediocrity in the interim. I’m not sure that’s tolerable. I’m feeling restless. Not in a ‘I must suddenly go out and buy a pink spandex outfit and go bungee jumping’ kind of way. After all it’s a bit early for a mid-life crisis. It’s more profound than that I hope.

Somebody said something to me the other day about engaging fully with the present, giving it your full attention. It really resonated with me because too often we are too focused on the future, or wasting time chastising ourselves for mistakes we’ve made in the past, instead of just making the most of now. Obviously that’s a lot easier said than done and I’m not advocating the ‘living each day as if it were your last’ approach because in reality that’s impractical and delusional. Rather I’m on a mission to make the most of what I have. It starts with the simple things. If I’m talking to someone, then I’m going to really talk to them. I’m not going to pretend to listen to them whilst simultaneously checking in on Facebook on my mobile. Perhaps therein lays the problem. Instead of attempting to do everything at once, I’m going to do one thing at time and do it properly.

In any event talk is cheap. I’m interested to see if I can put it into practice. Perhaps I’ll conduct a social experiment for a week. Commit to spending the next 7 days full engaged in the present, no matter how mundane or trivial it might be at that moment in time. Who knows perhaps I’ll find it’s not all it’s cracked up to be but then again…