Posted: February 21, 2012 in The Opposite Sex
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This afternoon I almost fell asleep at my desk. Not on purpose mind you but because I had spent the previous evening watching Crime and Investigation Channel until the wee hours of the morning. Admittedly there were probably more productive ways to spend my time like clipping my toenails for instance. But as I have the most beautiful feet in the world (seriously they’re perfect and dainty) they don’t really require that much maintenance on my behalf. It’s all natural baby.

It’s bizarre how the macabre can be so addictive. I suppose if I was a responsible adult I would have gone to bed at a respectable time and no doubt I would have brushed my teeth as well. But thankfully I did not otherwise I wouldn’t have realised how homicidal the fairer sex can be. ‘Snapped: Women Who Kill’, and ‘Women Behind Bars’, to name but a few shows. As the immortal expression goes, bitches be crazy!

All I know is next time I go on a date I’m carrying mace and while I’m at it probably some breath mints as well. Hey just because she’s going to go crazy later doesn’t mean you can’t get fresh beforehand. I’m nothing if not thoughtful.

  1. Zarchaspo says:

    LOL Mace wouldn’t work on some of those chicks. They’re too scary

  2. Anonymous says:

    its not a mint its a tic tac 😉

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