Posted: February 6, 2012 in Poems
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Placing black dahlias on my soul’s coffin

It seems to happen frighteningly all too often

Lying stillborn inside my mind’s womb

In remembrance I erect this tarnished tomb


Tormented love died that night

Ending in a shameful fight

My sweet innocence was lost

Bearing the burden of that final cost


I cried as I read the eulogy at our funeral

A dedication that was hollow and surreal

The mourners hung their heads in reverent silence

Bracing themselves against my words of violence


The preacher said to forgive and forget

The reaper hissed bitterness and regret

The choir screeched out their choral hymns

The demons spat out all our selfish sins


The angels’ vigilantly watchful overhead

Ignored your pleas for clemency instead

I the sole juror found you guilty of betrayal

The culprit in this sordid and wicked tale


I lifted the casket on to my weary shoulder

As the air grew still and perceptibly colder

I trembled as I walked towards the hole in the ground

The forgotten and the betrayed gathered all around


It is time to let this relationship rest its’ severed head

The love that I thought would live forever is now dead

The blood spattered casket is lowered into the hole

Taking with it a part of my eviscerated soul


I stared into the void where the rotting coffin now lay

A fetid stench reminding me of the price I had to pay

I lifted a spade and sent the first clumps of dirt below

The curtain now finally closing on this deceitful show


The words on the gravestone are written with the blood I bled

A memorial to the victim for whom these crimson tears are shed:

Here lays the corpse of true love in full view

Murdered by the hand of a heart that was untrue

  1. Desire says:

    Rather late than never……… I have arrived.

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