Posted: February 6, 2012 in Random
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It was a dark ominous night. Humidity hung in the air like a trapeze artist suspended between the safety of her partner’s hands and the finality of the impact below. The stars were so frightened they hid behind the safety of the clouds and the wind used the litter on the streets to create a peculiar puppet show.


Down a darkened alley where even the streetlights feared to tread I was in the midsts of a high stakes game of back alley dice with the resident hobo. Beads of perspiration lined my forehead. Lady Luck had not been kind. She had cackled and cavorted, and fritted my money away. With grim determination, and the last of my spare change, I watched as the hobo’s hands performed a magical dance, my eyes however were always seemingly one step behind.


The 3 dice flew into the air. They twisted and turned, weaving my fate into their tapestry of chance. They landed with a shriek on the pavement below. I furtively glanced at the figures, too scared to look but compelled by hope to look all the same. 4, 5, and 6, it was like a cruel trick, and just like that I would never see my 5 dollars again.


I was the first to hear the whisper of a footfall. So soft I could have been forgiven for thinking it was a stray cat. But it was the vacant look in the hobo’s eyes, like he had been struck dumb, that told me that whatever was approaching had bad intentions and a score to settle.


Mechanically I turned around. It was as if my limbs had miraculously forgotten how to move independently of each other. Fear had me in her icy grip and my heartbeat was whistling her staccato tune. That’s when I saw his pointy ears and relief instantly coursed through my veins.


Batman had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. A great party trick to be sure but his spandex outfit didn’t exactly strike fear into my heart. He cleared his throat and in a raspy voice he said, ‘playing dice is against the law!’


I laughed because he was wearing tights and then I kicked him between his legs and took his cape.


At this point you’re probably wondering why he didn’t put up more of a fight. But what I failed to mention was that I had my magical hypnotising harmonica on me. One blow and he was putty in my hands.


In retrospect I probably could have worded that better.


Batman crumpled to the ground a shadow off his former self. Without his cape he was like a bat without wings. I ran off into the endless possibility of the night, my newly attached cape billowing in the wind, and my mind mesmerised by the mayhem that I had created.


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