Resurrecting my guilty pleasure

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Poems
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They say the age of the poet is dead

Or so I’ve read

What to do instead?


Perhaps become a rapper

Gain wisdom from the back of a Chappies wrapper

Or collect trinkets from the inside of Christmas crackers


But then it occurred

That in spite of this I’ll always love words

No matter how absurd


These days it’s all about Twitter

Not that I’m bitter

But if I’m honest I’m far wittier


I think I’ll always write poems

I’m a phone

And poetry is my dial tone


It’s lyrical magic

Sometimes tragic

And at the best of times eclectic and erratic


I never intend to write

It sneaks up on me late at night

I’m powerless to fight


Without it I can’t breathe

It steals my thoughts like a thief

And reveals what lies beneath


I’m dancing to a song that no one else can hear

But I’ll always be all ears

  1. You just keep on writing o breathtaking one!:)
    Have a good weekend I1:)

  2. truthseekerss says:

    read this in the am already on email, could not respond, thought was good. fan of your poems always, the real you on showcase 🙂

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