Posted: February 1, 2012 in Random
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My friend has a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle. Ironic given that it is bright green in colour. It’s not exactly what you would call stealth like in appearance. To be blunt it’s an eyesore. But boys will be boys I suppose.

I’m a guy but I’m by no means a petrol head. Sure I can change a tyre but that’s about the sum total of my skills when it comes to car maintenance. I detest getting grease under my fingernails. That would probably explain why I’ve been accused of being a metrosexual, when that term was en vogue.

It got me thinking though what defines a man. It seems to me in our modern culture, that the archetypal male, for all intents and purposes is dead. Identities have blurred and what was once strictly a man’s domain is now a distant memory. You have women who want to be men, boys who want to be girls, and if I’m frank women who do men’s jobs better than a man can. It’s all a little confusing. Men are getting lost in the background.

There are even, how shall I put this, alternative devices, that if you believe the hype and write ups, that give a woman far more pleasure than a man ever could with his much maligned appendage.

Sure we still have our uses. For example if there’s a noise in the middle of the night downstairs, most females I know aren’t exactly keen to leap out of bed to discover what the source of the disturbance is. Rather she’ll roll over and start tapping her partner incessantly on the shoulder, until he wakes from his slumber all bleary eyed, only to be informed that he has the delightful task of walking downstairs and jumping out of his skin when he trips over the cat.

Perhaps though instead of lamenting the passing of gender specific roles, we should see it as an opportunity to discover how much easier the other half has had it. I for one can’t wait for my manicure…

  1. Sarchasm2 says:

    hehehe Gently tapping on the shoulder…… not in this house. Elbow to the ribs is more like it. I can identify with being scared spitless by the bloody cat too. 🙂

  2. Unusual_Me says:

    i cant imagine you waking up in the middle of the night trying to look for the origin of the noise;-)

  3. jackalax says:

    Nudging doesn’t work on my hubby! A punch in the side is all that’ll disturb his snoring… but I have to say, NOTHING gets him to sort out a park town prawn. He screams like a bitch

  4. iamsam4 says:

    What is gently tapping on the shoulder!?! More like pushing and shoving and kneeing …. Most of the time doesn’t work.
    …. But I have discovered cold feet (gained after going to chase the friggin cat out yourself) is an awesome revenge tactic!

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