Posted: January 26, 2012 in Random
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Other people are hard work. Other people take themselves too seriously. Other people are not in tune with my version of reality.

These are the only logical conclusions I can draw considering there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that I easily offend people. Are other people overly sensitive, am I overly brash, or is it somewhere in the middle? These kinds of questions make my head hurt kind of like when I eat that first spoonful of ice-cream and get a brain freeze.

When did people become so thin skinned? Perhaps it’s a by-product of a culture that applauds political correctness and frowns upon anyone that upsets the status quo. It’s like we’re dancing on eggshells and the music stopped playing a long time ago.

I’ve been called all manner of names in my time. Gorgeous, heavenly, spellbinding, and on the odd occasion addictive. But by the same token there have also been some colourful descriptions, peppered with a number of expletives for good measure, flung in my direction as well, when I have inexplicably met with someone’s displeasure or wrath.

Do I let it affect me? Do I dwell on it ad nauseam? No, I simply shrug my shoulders, and let it wash over me like water off a Sports Illustrated swimwear model’s back. Then I smile, and imagine the half wit who insulted me, meeting an early demise at the hands of a suicidal cow with sharp hooves. 

The point is while other people’s opinions should be taken into consideration from time to time, and objective and constructive criticism can be productive under the right circumstances, the opinion that matters the most when it comes to your self-worth is your own. For example I’m awesome! Admittedly 99% of the population agree with me but still there’s that 1% that doubts me. Quite obviously they’re jealous and have webbed feet. But I don’t mind because I think I rock and that’s all that matters.

  1. Sarchasm2 says:

    LOL Who pissed on your parade today 🙂

  2. You are obviously awesome Innocent. Good you dont let negative criticism get to you 🙂

  3. truthseekerss says:

    well I always miss it, bummer. haven’t got time to blog these days, catch u lader. and don’t worry you such a marshmellow, i hardly believe people take their own being pissed at you seriously, to stay pissed for more than a second.

    i gave up lol



    • No time to blog? That makes no sense. Are you sure you have your priorities staight…

      • truthseekerss says:

        I am under so much pressure and believe me not the pressure I would like :), work is freaking crazy and I am so busy. On top of it I was supposed to send through an assignment but I also have not got any ideas. Was wondering you would do it for me. I have to write a saleable article to a local mag but that is so not my field. I prefer write crap. Well I figured if you help me and I pass, what good would that do me!!! But listen please, if you have an idea, I am all ears. The problem is not so much the article but who the hell to send it to and do you think I can find a top billing mag in the shops. Anyway cant write a saleable article anyway so what the ….

      • Sounds challenging. The first step of course is to know your audience and take it from there. Do you have a general idea about what you’d like to write about? Good luck, hope your creativity reignites!

  4. truthseekerss says:

    ha ha, listen my audience defnitely wont pay for any writing of mine im afraid lol… ja i get it, im a writer like that though but have to do this assignment to move one, and iam still stuck!

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